Increasing Web Traffic

REI Caravan Increasing Web TrafficWhen was the last time your website was brought in for a maintenance check? Is your website’s performance sub-par? How does your company’s site stack up against your market competitors?

REI Caravan — we offer a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, which will analyze your site’s ease of navigation, consumer engagement, stickiness, lead generation, search optimization (SEO), and much more, then make detailed recommendations on how to improve your website’s performance.

“I really enjoyed working with REI Caravan. They have proven to be a great company that has been very responsive to our company’s needs. I am impressed with their customer support, always willing to do what it takes to get things right. Their products are easy to roll out, as they remove all the hassle for you. Straight forward and easy, but very effective. I would recommend brokers giving REI Caravan and their products a hard look. We are glad we did.”

—Deron Tucker, Executive Vice President, Coldwell Banker Rick Canup Realtors

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