YouTube Marketing

REI Caravan YouTube MarketingMore than 70% of consumers watch videos online. YouTube is a vast virtual warehouse that stores data on millions of homes worldwide. Social media services such as Digg, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and LinkedIn are all different roads that lead consumers to videos on YouTube.

Take advantage of this extraordinary Internet infrastructure to successfully sell your homes online!

REI Caravan will help you be more successful online with our extensive experience in video marketing. We have helped many real estate firms…just like yours…thrive online. Our video motion graphics Guided Tours can expertly showcase your homes so potential buyers and sellers can view your properties in the best possible light. Each guided tour is produced professionally, with a shooting script and industry-caliber narration that comes from the MLS data, to add gravitas to each displayed home. We will also create an Online Video Magazine on your website will contain valuable data on each home, and let you track consumer interest via meta data, to guide them to your property videos. In addition to the tours and video magazine, REI will build and upload all new listings and remove sold properties on your company’s YouTube channel.

“The guided tours are professionally produced and a valuable marketing asset for our sellers. The syndication with YouTube works great. We received well over a 100,000 views of our guided tours last year.”

—Kevin Kaplan, VP Marketing & Technology, Long Realty

Add Motion to Your Listings with Video Tours from REI Caravan!
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