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REI Caravan Cost Effective Real Estate SolutionsConcentrate on Your Core Business

Sales and recruiting are full-time focuses for most real estate companies. Why take on the headaches of marketing too? REI Caravan can take care of all of your company’s marketing needs in a more cost-effective way. We have the real estate marketing expertise to help you increase your client base and better showcase your existing clients’ properties, for maximum ROI.

REI Caravan can provide professional know-how to turn each listed home into a virtual showcase, and upgrade your company’s website to maximize hits, ensure high rankings on search engines, and increase social media traffic.

Telecom Audits

REI Caravan can also conduct telecom audits so you can more carefully monitor your company’s telecommunications expenditures and even save money on your monthly phone, fax and Internet bills. Most companies are overpaying for their telecom services. Are you? We will eliminate waste and save you money every month.


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